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D-Cell digital rope clamp sensors

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The DC-xT range of rope clamp load cells digital sensors for measuring tension in wire ropes. The D-Cell digital interface delivers exceptional noise immunity and eliminates many of the problems that arise installing and routing load signal cabling. DC-xT load cells have a double ended beam design and are available in 3T, 5T and 10T nominal capacities.

They are particularly well suited for retrospective installation onto wire ropes when measurement of the load is required for remaining life calculations and basic load display and an in-line load cell is not readily available.

They can be calibrated in situe or supplied pre calibrated as part of a SmartCal bundle

  • D-Cell digital interface delivers stable load readings where there is electrical noise or long cable runs.
  • Can be fitted retrospectively.
  • Available with a 10 point calibration when purchased in a SmartCal bundle
  • Available in 3 capacities for measuring rated loads up to 3T, 5T and 10T per fall.
  • Can be fitted to ropes with diameters between 8 and 32mm.
  • IP67 rated.
  • Simple installation - clamp on, connect up 4 wires.
Part number Description
DRC3T For ropes measuring up to 3 Tonnes per fall.
DRC5T For ropes measuring up to 5 Tonnes per fall.
DRC10T For ropes measuring up to 10 Tonnes per fall.


The RCxT load cells are designed to be clamped directly onto the dead end of wire ropes.

Length (mm) 160
Width (mm) 80
Height (mm) 117
Weight (kg) 2.5
Mounting Clamp directly to the rope with u-bolts provided.
Torque N/A. Tighten up the clamp bolts until the back of the rope just touches the body of the load cell.


Parameter Description Min Typ Max Units
Vin Excitation Voltage 5 4 6 VDC
Resolution 2600000 2900000 32000000 Counts
CombErr Combined Error -0.05 +0.05 % Full Scale
MSO Maximum Safe Overload 150 % Full Scale
USO Ultimate Safe Overload 300 % Full Scale
IPClass Sealing Class IP67
Operating Temperature -30 85# °C

# Extended operation at maximum temperature will reduce device life.


Introducing D Cell
Sources of error in indicated load
What torque do these need to be clamped to?

If the load cell is to be calibrated in situ, there is no requirement for a specific torque. Instead, tighten up the clamp bolts until the back of the rope just touches the body of the load cell.

If the load cell is part of a precalibrated bundle, tighten the clamp against the spacers.

I don't have a dead end on my rope. Can I still use one of these load cells?

Yes, provided that the compensating sheave doesn't move in normal use, in which case you can mount the load cell 1m below.

I want to accurately measure the load being picked up by my crane (to within a kg). Can I use this load cell?

No. You will need to measure the load directly as there is too much error caused by friction in the pulleys, sheave blocks and bearings. This can be up to 4% of the load being lifted.

Check out this video for a explanation.

Sources of error in indicated load
I am replacing one load cell with another identical unit. Will I need to recalibrate my data logger / load limiter?

Not if the load cell is precalibrated.

What devices can be connected to the DRCxT?

These load cells are sold primarily for use with Sole Digital data loggers, load limiters and displays. Contact us for information on integrating them with your project