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LimitMate Dual Overload Controller

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LimitMate is an electronic load limiter for single or dual hoist cranes. In addition to setting individual overloads for each hoist, a combined overload can be set for the crane, ensuring that the crane’s SWL is never exceeded.

Why do you need one?

In some dual hoist cranes, the combined lifting capacity of both hoists exceeds the rated capacity of the crane (e.g. when a 5T auxiliary hoist is added to a 20T crane that already has a 20T main). In such a scenario, if both hoists are used simultaneously, it is possible to overload the crane without the standard load limiter disabling the lift. LimitMate overcomes this problem by allowing you to set individual overloads for each hoist as well as a combined overload for the crane.

  • Simple configuration with multi-meter and screwdriver.
  • Low cost option for load summation (dual overloads).
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.
Part number: LMM100


LimitMate is designed to be installed on a 30mm DIN rail. Dimensions of the unit are provided in the following diagram.

Length (mm) 145
Width (mm) 90
Height (mm) 40
Weight (kg) 0.2
Mounting Panel OR 30mm DIN rail


Parameter Description Min Typ Max Units
V(in) Supply Voltage 24 240 VAC
I(in) Supply Current 40 60 mA
V(limit) Output relay voltage rating 125 VAC
I(limit) Output relay current rating 0.5 2 A
VSensitivity(load inputs) Load sensing inputs (load pin or rope clamp) sensitivity 2 10 mV/V
V(excite) Load cell excitation voltage 4 5 6 VDC
Operating Temperature -40 85# °C

# Extended operation at maximum temperature will reduce device life.

Can LimitMate set a combined overload independantly of individual overloads?

Yes, definately. Each of the three limits (hoist A, hoist B, hoist A+B) are set independantly.

Can LimitMate be used as a load limiter for a single hoist?

Yes, definately.