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Slingsafe lets the crane user lower the maximum lifting capacity of the crane to match the capacity of the slings and shackles being used.

The crane powers up with a 500kg load limit which is enough to safely position the crane and rig the load. The operator then identifies themselves to the Slingsafe unit with their ID card and sets the load limit to match the rated capacity of the rigging.

As the load is lifted the current load and the set limit is displayed on the Slingsafe unit. If the set limit is exceeded, then lifting is disabled.

The load limit resets to 500kg when the e-stop button is pressed.

  • Works with Liftlog, MaxOut, and HiBeam.
  • Provides an audit trail of lifting and limit setting
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.
SS100 Wall mounted unit
SS100A Wall mount unit with AccessPack


SlingSafe is wall mounted.

Length (mm) 300
Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 80
Weight (kg) 0.12
Mounting Wall


Parameter Description Min Typ Max Units
V(in) Supply Voltage 110 250 VAC
I(in) Supply Current 5 8 12 mA
Operating Temperature 0 85 °C

# Extended operation at maximum temperature will reduce device life.

SlingSafe in use?
Why do I need to change the load limit on the crane?

Changing to load limit on your crane to match the SWL of the lifting gear in use is an engineering control that PREVENTS a dropped load or damaged sling.