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SideWise is a simple anti-side-pull system that ensures loads are only lifted vertically. It can easily be retrofitted to existing cranes and consists of a sensor unit mounted on the rope with a signal processing module in the hoist control box. Crane motion is disabled as soon as any long or cross-travel horizontal loads are detected.

Why do I need side-pull protection?

Cranes and hoists are only designed to withstand vertical loading. Out-of-vertical hoisting, commonly referred to as side-pulling, damages wire ropes and rope guides, because the wire jumps out of its grooves as it winds around the drum and rubs against itself or the drum. In more severe cases, side pulling causes derailment of the trolley or gantry or excessive lateral loads on the crane structure resulting in catastrophic beam failure. This may occur when moving loads far smaller than the SWL. For these reasons, side pulling is prohibited by AS2550.1-2011.

  • Prevents side-pulling in both long and cross travel directions.
  • Can be fitted to any rope size.
  • Proprietary algorithms prevent false triggering from swinging loads.
  • Amount of allowable side-pulling can be adjusted.
  • Processor compatible with all commonly used crane voltages.
  • When used with Liftlog™XL, side-pulling events can trigger SMS and email alerts.
  • Australian designed and manufactured.
  • Australian manufacturer extended hours support available.
Part number Description
SW100 SideWise System (Sensor + Processor)
SWS100 SideWise Sensor Only (Modified to suit size at time of order)
SWP100 SideWise Processor Only


The SideWise Processor is designed to be installed on a 30mm DIN rail. The sensor head is clamped to the rope at the dead end. Dimensions of both are provided in the following diagrams.


Processor Sensor
Length (mm) 115 131
Width (mm) 100 68
Height (mm) 23 62
Weight (kg) 0.16 0.5-0.6
Mounting Clamped directly on rope 30mm DIN Rail


Parameter Description Min Typ Max Units
V(in) Supply Voltage 24 240 VAC/DC
I(in) Supply Current 40 60 mA
V(limit) Output relays voltage rating 250 VAC
I(limit) Output relays current rating 4 2 A
Operating Temperature -40 85# °C

# Extended operation at maximum temperature will reduce device life.

No dead end?
Wireless setup of Gen 2 processor
Install and comission gen 1 processor
Advanced features
Upgrading Firmware

Installing USB drivers for the Link-2 modem
Why do I need SidePull protection?

Side-pulling is the second most danagerous misuse of cranes (after overloading). Cranes and hoists are only designed to withstand vertical loading. Side-pulling can cause damage to ropes and rope guides, as well as potentially derailing trolleys or gantries resulting in dropped loads.

A number of serious international side-pulling incidents resulted in legal action and received significant attention from the media and work safety authorities.

How do I know that my cranes are being side-pulled?

If rope guides are failing prematurely (more than 1 every 5 years) then your crane is being side-pulled.

How does SideWise work?

SideWise senses both the angle and rate change of angle to determine when a side-pull event occurs. When it does, motion in the direction of travel as well as hoisting is disabled until the side-pulling stops.

How do I install the SideWise sensor?

Clamp the two halves of the SideWise sensor unit to the rope at the dead end and screw up the bolts. Install the signal processing unit in the crab hoist. Wire the normally closed relay outputs in series with the coils of the appropriate contactors. (You will need spare cores on the catenary cable if the long travel motions are to be interrupted by the SideWise unit.) Finally, wire the sensor to the processor (only 3 wires), calibrate the side pull and you're done!

What is my rope doesn't have a dead end?

You can install the sensor so that it allows the rope to slide through. A length of M8 threaded rod connects the sensor block to the trolley.

What sizes of rope does SideWise accommodate?

SideWise sensors can be fitted to any wire rope. They are adjusted to fit at time of ordering to suit actual rope diameter.

Will SideWise stop me lifting legitimate loads?

No. Propriatery signal processing ensures that swinging loads will not cause false triggers.